We are specialized on the production of centrifugal and continuous casting parts of nonferrous heavy metals and aluminum as well as ingot mold and die casting parts of zinc and aluminum.


The Hohenlimburger Handelsgesellschaft mbH, a German metal foundry, was founded in the year 1980. Now we have an established and high motivate team of 80 employees. Our company founder and owner are still working in the company. With their active engagement and their long experience we can ensure the challenges of o globalized world with new requirements in our markets. Our customers are primarily in the market of mechanical engineering, automotive industry, motor and turbine engineering, shipbuilding, rail construction, mining industry and further more. Moreover we construct and produce parts for growing markets. For a few years now we also deliver special cast parts for the wind energy market up to an outer diameter of 2.5 meter.

Due to the size of company we are at any time in the situation to facilitate also short-term appointments. We ship out parts across whole EU and Eastern Europe. If our customers are outside Europe, we are pleased to organize the logistic for the delivery as well. The Hohenlimburger Metallguss GmbH has rich experience in the customs clearance.

As a German company we have the highest demand on the quality of our products. The in-house quality assurance is orientated according to EN ISO 9001 und EN ISO 14001. Through a continuous analytical supervision during the smelting process we can guarantee the necessary control of the chemical composition.

Apart from out care business, the metal foundry, in our mechanical department we can handle all cast parts up to the finished part.

Apart from out care business, the metal foundry, in our mechanical department we can handle all cast parts up to the finished part.